Ultimate College Q&A From Female Student

3 years ago



College life might be tough, fun, or even embarrassing. A popular YouTuber HelloKaty answered some questions about her college life. And here is what the Typical Student team is going to talk in this post!


What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in college?





Katy says that something embarrassing happens to her every day. However, the most embarrassing college story is about cleaning her dorm room. She just took a shower and was cleaning her dorm room wrapped in her towel. And all of a sudden, a boy, she didn’t even know, comes into her room to ask for something. Katy claims that standing wrapped in her towel with a dust cleaner in her hand when that guy came in was the most embarrassing thing that happened to her.


How is your college social life?





According to Katy, social life in college is extremely important. She confesses that she really likes college parties and she considers them to be an essential part of college experience. However, Katy adds that she focuses on her main college goal which is graduating in four years, so she tries to find a balance between parties and studies.


Are there any hot guys in your college?





Katy says that there are too many hot guys in her college. She adds that sometimes the fact that there are so many hot boys in her college distracts her from the studies.


Where do you want to live after college?





New York City is the only place so far Katy is dreaming of moving to. She says that she loves everything about NYC and her dream is to live in a cozy loft in New York.

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