Storytime: The Weirdest College Parties According To Student YouTuber

2 years ago



Jennifer Biana’s been to some really weird college parties and here’s why they are weird. And that's what the Typical Student team will tell you about!

The Recycling Vibes


Jennifer had just come to that party when a really odd girl approached her and said that she, Jennifer, was spreading the recycling vibes. If that wasn’t enough, the girl started telling Jennifer how great period cups are and why she uses them. Jennifer sensed that the girl was definitely flirting with her, but who on Earth flirts about period cups with a complete stranger?

The Harry Potter Conversation





This party was rather fun and at some point, people started talking about Harry Potter. Jennifer isn’t a Harry Potter fan, so she didn’t participate in that conversation. However, all of a sudden, a huge drunk guy came to her and started talking about Harry Potter. Jennifer is a really honest person, so she told him that she hates Harry Potter. And then that guy said: “Well, you’re wearing a nasty sweater, don’t you believe in magic?” At this point, Jennifer literally was like “What?!” And it really seemed that the guy didn’t understand what was going on at all too.

The Pig Hat





Jennifer got a pink hat with little ears on the top for Christmas from one of her best friends. So one day she was having a small party with her friends and at 2 a.m. they decided to go and get pizza. Jennifer was wearing her pig hat because it was really cold that night. So when she was ordering her food, the cashier didn’t hear her and she had to repeat her order several times. And then the cashier said: “Sorry, I just stumble when I talk to pretty girls” to which Jennifer answered: “I’m wearing a pig hat!” But the cashier didn’t lose his head and said: “You’re the cutest pig I’ve ever seen.”

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