NEVER Ask Parents to Write Your CV and Here’s Why (VIRAL CV INSIDE)

3 years ago



Can you imagine one of your parents writes a CV for you? Not the one to show you in the best possible light but the honest, really honest CV! This is what happened to Lauren Moore, whose father wrote a brutally truthful CV for her. In this post, the Typical Student team will show you how Lauren’s dad introduced girl’s achievements. It’s more than just funny!


How The Story Begins



So, Lauren Moore is a 16 y.o. student from Redcar, Middlesbrough, UK and she wanted her father to do the ahead of girl’s GCSE results. It includes duties, responsibilities, interests, etc. There’s work experience as well… Did Lauren’s father complete daughter’s task? Yes, he did! That’s how the most honest and hilarious CV was born.


What’s on The CV


Actually, the information is quite… different. Among the responsibilities, you can see such points as browsing Facebook, not listening, and "getting on my father’s t**s."


Another section comes with such interesting duties as "being messy" and "f***ing everything up." But these are still not all the charming facts Lauren’s employer would know from the CV.


It consists of 2 pages, so make sure you read every single line and did it very closely.



As expected, Lauren (who is definitely a typical 16-year-old) posted the CV on Twitter. Her audience was delighted!



How would you react if your dad did something like this? Bet, you'd take it to Twitter to share all the joy :)

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