9 FREE AI Skills Courses from Microsoft to Enroll In Right Now!

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Artificial Intelligence is becoming a full-fledged part of our lives, no wonder Microsoft has just added an AI section to the series of its Professional Program courses. Using edX, one of the popular MOOCs, the corporation has launched 9 online courses focused on AI.

Engineers, programmers, and all interested can improve their skills in AI and data science by completing a series of free courses. The online courses are self-paced, with an average length of 4-6 weeks. It will take you up to 4-8 hours a week on average to complete a course. All courses are FREE to take, but you can pay an extra $99 to get a verified certificate of completion.

As the name suggests, the course is centered around Machine Learning, providing the foundation for AI, as well as the ways of improving cognitive services in applications. This is an introductory online course covering the basics of the subject for all interested.

In this course, one can learn the basics of Python (simple arithmetic operations, variables, and data structures). Learning the Python functions and control flow will allow creating data-based visualizations.

The course is meant to help you learn or refresh the fundamental mathematical principles used in Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability, Statistics, and Optimization. Also, students will learn how to work with data and implement the newly-learned mathematical techniques.

As suggested by the name of the online course, it’s centered around ethical and legal frameworks applied to data and analytics problems. Work in Data Science, Big Data and AI requires applied data methods for ethical and legal work. Understanding ethics and legislation related to AI and Machine Learning must be an inseparable part of the work process.

This course covers the concepts and techniques applied in data science such as statistical analysis, data cleansing, and transformation. One of the aspects covered in this course is data visualization with R, Python, and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.

In this course, students will deepen their knowledge of machine learning, which includes the basics of machine learning models creation, evaluation, and optimization. Also, the course covers classification, regression, clustering, and recommendation.

Deep learning is the driving force of AI powered technologies. The course explains intuitive approach to building complex models to allow machines implementing human-like intelligence to solving real-world problems. The course will help students learn how to use instruments like Python Jupyter notebooks and Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit.

The course covers the basics of Reinforcement Learning (RL), one of the areas of machine learning. Students will learn how to handle news recommendation, grid-world navigation, and cart-pole balancing.

Applied AI Solutions Development offers students 3 training options:

This in-depth course is dedicated to the issues of machine learning in terms of language processing. The course covers basic algorithms from dynamic programming, temporal difference learning, etc.

Students will learn about the principles of automatic speech recognition (ASR) system as we cover fundamental acoustic and linguistic theory, data preparation, language modeling, acoustic modeling, and decoding.

The third course Computer Vision and Image Analysis is coming soon.

In the event of completing all stages of Microsoft’s AI program, the students will be offered to take the final course called This course assumes you have completed the Microsoft Professional Capstone in AI to sum up all the knowledge acquired on the previous stages.

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