Students Feel Nostalgic for 2015 & Make ADORABLE Instagram Memes About It

3 years ago



Some of us may feel nostalgic for 2007 and emo subculture, while some are feeling more nostalgic for 2015. Surprised? Well, turns out three years ago, teens had a completely different vibe... Obama was still in the Whit House, while you were waiting in line at Starbucks for a Frappuccino. You were in awe of Snapchat sending your homies a few dog filter selfies and texting your crush something like this "🙈🙈🙈🙈." Even if you didn't these teens surely enjoyed 2015 to the fullest, so now they're creating HILARIOUS memes with a hint of nostalgia. The Typical Student team couldn't help but share these masterpieces.  

#1 Thendy teen starter pack 2015:

nostalgic-memes-2015-06Source: @honeyhugs

#2 It was 2015, you wanted to fit in:nostalgic-memes-2015-04

Source: @taurustypes


#3 Popular girls in 2015 looked like this:

nostalgic-memes-2015-05Source: @nichepisces._

#4 2015 was also about Tumblr obsession:

nostalgic-memes-2015-02Source: @glossberry


#5 We've all been there in 2015: 

nostalgic-memes-2015-03Source: @glossypurple


#6 Another installment of a trendy teen in 2015:


Source: @niche.madi


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