Ohio Student Forgets Prof's Name and Goes VIRAL

3 years ago



Obviously, text the wrong person is a regular thing especially when you are a busy student. You can also talk about someone, who is standing right behind you… So, that is what happened to the hero of today’s story. Let’s see what the Typical Student team prepared for you!

Original Story


Well, this story is about Zoe Oxley, a student in Ohio who recently became viral thanks to a small mistake. She forgot the name of the Prof and simply used "Professor whats his nuts" instead. However, the student also forgot to change it, so, as expected, the teacher noticed it.



As always, the girl shared the story on Twitter and grab the attention of the audience. To say more, she was not the only one who shared the story. By the way, professor's name is Hendel but he already changed his name on Twitter to Professor whats his nuts. Let’s view out this saga!



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