Oktoberfest 2018: The First Beers Were Received by Students in Munich

3 years ago



No doubt, among all the autumn events, Oktoberfest is what many students are waiting for. It has been celebrated with gusto in many parts of the United States for years! And, although it’s called Oktoberfest, lots of places start celebrating the fest in the middle of September. Today, the Typical Student team fond for you fresh pics from the first Oktoberfest celebration in 2018.


The festival is going to run until October 7 but the first beers were already served.


Traditionally, it happened in Munich, Germany.


There were so many visitors all over the globe!


The total number of people who came to see Oktoberfest is 6 million!


As you can see, the fest started with the clothes that were common is the 19th Century.


By the way, there were 1.6m gallons (7.5m liters) consumed during Oktoberfest 2017.


Although the first barrel was tapped by Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter, the first beers were eagerly received by students visitors.


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