1 in 5 Harvard Graduates Are Virgins & Other CRAZY Facts About Class 2018 Revealed

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Harvard University is one of the world’s top schools, no wonder its graduates have all eyes on them. Results of the recent close-up survey conducted by The Harvard Crimson student newspaper have revealed a bunch of mind-blowing facts about this year’s graduates. Here are the 10 CRAZIEST facts about Harvard students who graduated in 2018.


Harvard Graduates: Who Are the New Elite?


1. 56% of Harvard grads sought mental health support.



The class of 2018 has demonstrated extremely high levels of anxiety. The statistical data poses a question of stress levels and student wellbeing on campus.  

  • 41% of graduates admitted to seeking mental health support from the university's health services.
  • 15% have sought mental health support off campus.

2. One in 5 Harvard grads are virgins.




Don’t be surprised! About 1 in 5 students also admitted they had no "dating" experience while at university.

  • About 69% of students who chose to date while at Harvard, admitted to having used dating apps.  
  • Over 25% of this year’s graduates reported having been "sexually harassed" while studying at university.

3. Only 3% of Harvard grads supported Trump.



  • 72% of Harvard students disagree with political agenda of Trump’s administration.
  • Only 3% of respondents backed Donald Trump, while 2/3 of these graduates describe themselves as “liberal” or “very liberal.”

4. Limited freedom of speech.



About 2/3 of students admitted to self-censoring their views and not debating openly. These respondents refrained from expressing opinions in an academic setting fearing they would offend others.


About 50% of students wanted to have "trigger warnings" showing if the academic courses include upsetting or offensive contents.


5. Over 90% of Harvard grads drink alcohol, most of them on a weekly basis.  



However, tobacco isn’t as popular! There are very few regular smokers, and over 3/4 have never even once smoked tobacco.


Interesting fact: more students had tried cannabis than tobacco.


6. Nine in 10 Harvard grads support stricter gun control measures.




7. 87% of students leaving Harvard this year use iPhones, while 80% own other Apple computer devices.


The majority of the new Harvard graduates use smartphones.




8.  20% of Harvard grads cheated in exams despite the university “honor code.”  

This code is binding students not to engage in academic cheating. Very few of the respondents admitted cheating was detected.


9. 60% of Harvard graduates backed admissions diversity.


Respondents in this group prioritized the ethnicity-based admission principle. This found the most support among black and Hispanic graduates, and the least support among Asian and white graduates.

10. The majority of class 2018 Harvard grads are intending to cluster in three areas: New York, Massachusetts, and California.


  • 1/10 of students are planning to go overseas to work in consulting, finance and technology.
  • Financially, almost 60% of the new graduates still intend to be depending on money from their parents.

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