1.2 Million Student Emails Used To Register For Adult Film Site In New South Wales Data Leak

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9NEWS Australia reports of a major data leak that happened in New South Wales. Emails of the school children "have been exposed online after being used to register for an international pornography site," the news outlet reports. The NSW Education Department will start an investigation as this incident was described as "extremely concerning." The Typical Student team previously covered 5 WORST Data Security Breaches In Universities & Colleges In 2018-2019, so take a look!


How Many Emails Were Leaked?



Turns out, personal details of nearly 1.2 million registered users of Luscious, adult website were leaked online. The breach has been discovered by "ethical hackers" for vpnMentor, an Israeli research team. It is reported that the team accessed "user names, email addresses, locations, gender and activity logs."

According to an expert Lisa Taylor, "such a data leak could have a disastrous impact on the users' lives if disclosed to the world, or just sold on the dark web." Some 5000 users in Australia were registered for the site, and there were at least 10 emails found ending in @education. It has been confirmed that government email addresses are for school students.


Dangers Of Data Leak



As told by Nigel Phair, director of the University of NSW Cyber Canberra, data leaks could result in 'identity theft or phishing attacks'

"Also for identity theft and identity take over, once you have some of their credentials you can build on that and get more identity."

As told be the Luscious spokeswoman Kay Sackey: "For a short period of time, private email data was publicly available. I do not believe anyone saw this except the private security firm." According to Luscious, the issue has been fixed. 

Rachael Falk, the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre CEO, believes the has been educational for all internet users:

"Keep your private life private - if you want a parcel delivered or you want to make appointments, use a personal email address. It doesn't mean, like in this instance, it can't be hacked, but at least there's not necessarily blow-back - you've kept your personal life."

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