People Who Use Emojis Have More Sex, New Research Says

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Texting without emojis is unimaginable these days. Sending a message without these little icons may offend or even scare its addressee. So, if you love using emojis, you might be excited about this new research showing how beneficial the use of emojis could be to you. The Typical Student team just learned about this new study published in the PLoS ONE  journal. Turns out, people using emojis on average land more dates and have more sex.


Can Emojis Get You More Sex?



Want to learn the subject matter of the study in scientific terms? It reads "Emoji as affective signals for relationship-oriented digital communication." Initially, the scientists wanted to find out whether emoticons helped people connect better than words. Two studies were conducted to "assess attitudes toward and frequency of emoji use, and whether signaling effect via emoji use relates to more romantic and sexual opportunities."


'It's Trendy and Other People Use It' 



According to the study findings, the use of emojis with potential partners can help "maintain the connection beyond the first date and more romantic and sexual interactions over the previous year."

Turns out, emojis are capable to convey important information to potential partners and are potentially associated with a more successful intimate connection. The implications for multiple theoretical models and methodologies are also discussed as a part of the study.

The research data was collected from over 5,000 people, who were asked about their emoji use and why they made their choice in favor of using emojis. 

The answers ranged from 'they give my text messages more personality' to 'it's easier for me to express my feelings'. There were also replies like 'it's faster and easier than writing a full message' and 'it's trendy and other people use it'. The options were given as reasons why and the people who took part in the research had to check if any were applicable. 


Emoticons are associated with more frequent sexual activity




The respondents were asked about the number of dates and sex they had over the past 12 months. So, the scientists have crunched the numbers and found 'emoji/emoticon use was associated with more first dates and more frequent sexual activity'.

The data doesn't take into consideration the respondent's attractiveness or 'game'. The research, however, emphasizes the idea that emojis might help you get a date with the person you like. 


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