Pepperdine University Students Answered Some Big Questions About Their School

3 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps telling you about real student life. Crimson Education went to Pepperdine University in Malibu to ask the students everything you want to know about this school. So here’s what Pepperdine University is really like. 


What's the Best Thing About Pepperdine?



Most Pepperdine students say that the best part of their school is people and amazing college community. Others like the picturesque location of their college, the weather, the professors, the study abroad programs, and even having Starbucks on campus.


What's the Worst Thing About Pepperdine?




Pepperdine students unanimously answer that the worst thing about their college is stairs, however, some of them add that it’s a good workout. Among other things Pepperdine students do not like being isolated campus, meal plans and meal service, and parking.


What Do Pepperdine Students Do On Weekends?




On weekends some Pepperdine students love going to LA with friends, going to the beach, or going to parties. Other students tend to go home, hang out with friends on campus, study, and work during their weekends.


What Did Pepperdine Students Write Their Application Essays About?




While some Pepperdine students wrote about their hobbies such as music, others wrote about the things that shaped them. Students also wrote about their religion and its influence on their life, their dreams, and desires, and growing up as a person in their application essays. However, one Pepperdine student completely forgot what he wrote his essay on, but it probably was great considering the fact that he eventually got into the school.

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