12 JAW-DROPPING Examples of Student Handwriting That Will Blow Your Mind

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Whether you have a perfectly neat handwriting or your handwriting looks like it is written in your own language you cannot disagree that penmanship is a real art form. As a matter of fact, the records of scripts that demonstrate ancient calligraphy are considered to be extremely valuable and priceless artifacts. In this way, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s definition of calligraphy is “harmonious proportion of both letters within a word and words on a page.”

Furthermore, the way you write words can say quite much about your personality. Your handwriting not only shows how neat and organized you are, but also almost completely reveals your personality. Thus, Kathi McKnight, a well-known graphologist, in her interview to Business Insider once emphasized that handwriting experts can detect over 5,000 personality traits

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So, no matter which kind of personality people with stunning handwriting have, it is impossible not to be amazed by these 12 examples of marvelous handwriting.

#1 Have you ever used those lovely italic fonts in Word? Well, this 8th-grade student from Nepal doesn’t need a computer to use such writing font. His perfectly neat and truly amazing handwriting stupefies everybody who sees it.


#2 Probably most of the students had this struggle to understand what a teacher wrote on the blackboard. However, this professor from the Philippines doesn’t make his students struggle. His flawless handwriting looks like it was typed.


#3 Do you remember how your studying notes look like? Well, this student is perhaps the perfect candidate for borrowing notes from. Just look how accurate his drawings of the human anatomy are! 


#4 This classic calligraphic style looks like it is from a Medieval book. This guy just battled everybody to the spot with his wonderful handwriting. 


#5 Jose Naranja is a professional bookbinder. He makes his own journey diaries and then shares them with people all over the world online. His flawless handwriting and marvelous illustrations capture the attention of thousands of people. 


#6 The simpler – the better. The perfectly neat handwriting on the blackboard sign for Tacos in Bristol, United Kingdom, simply bewitches the passers-by.


#7 This man’s ideal cursive handwriting not only looks truly stunning, but also makes us repeat this tongue twister over and over again.


#8 Every student made at least one cheat sheet during his or her studying years, but this student brings the making of cheat sheets on the next level. Just look how well-organized this cheat sheet is. 


#9 The unusual penmanship of this person’s grandfather is truly amazing. This cute birthday wish looks like the title of a contemporary Sci-Fi flick.



perfect-handwriting-examples-08#10 Do you also think that it was printed out? This student really deserves an A+ only for their perfectly neat handwriting and another A for the test answers. 


#11 It might look like illegible scribbles from the first glance, however, if you look closely you will notice how marvelous and extraordinary this type of handwriting is.


#12 Even if you are not interested in this restaurant’s specials, the penmanship they are written in makes you consider visiting the restaurant. 





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