18 BEST Post-Grad Memes to Feel How Tough the Adult Life Can Be

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It is not a secret that graduation from college is a huge achievement which makes not only you but also your parents feel extremely proud. It is a kind of a crucial moment when you finally and certainly become an adult. Graduation, indeed, is your launching into the real, and sometimes even cruel, world. Despite the fact that some students might think that graduation is a sort of emancipation from studying nonstop and taking the whole bunch of various tests and exams, this kind of freedom does not guarantee that you are not going to be stressful anymore. 

As a matter of fact, life after graduation is full of so-called ‘adult’ problems which quite often may be far worse and more serious that your college duties. Besides, finding a plum job is not easy at all. Furthermore, a lot of post-graduates cannot find a job for a really long time. However, that does not mean that they are unemployed for their whole lives. If you haven't seen our 18 CRAZY Graduation Memes To Cast Away College Nostalgia, do that immediately! And now, the Typical Student team listed these 18 memes that make a little fun of every college valedicatorian’s problems. 

#1 Yes, college is supposed to provide us with knowledge, however, not every college post-graduate is proud to be a great professional. It is sad though that most of the graduates cannot remember what they have been studying for four years, but this guy looks so funny.

post-grad-life-memes-01#2 While some students cannot remember anything about their major, this pretty young lady obviously forgot English grammar. Or maybe English was her major?


#3 Do you think it is possible to graduate from college without Google and Wikipedia? We don’t.



#4 This evolution of a college student is pretty accurate, even for those who know their major, isn’t it?


#5 Are you one of those post-grads who are not sure if they are still kids or already grown-ups?


#6 When you finally found your first job.


#7 Making your resume is not an easy task, especially when you have no experience.


#8 The reason of students’ uncertainty has been finally released.


#9 When you are writing your resume and in order to impress the employers have to add your language competence.


#10 Maybe Hogwarts can be the next step after the graduation.


#11 The morning after the graduation.



#12 Casual negotiation with your employer. Getting experience before getting experience is a usual thing in the real adult world.


#13 Dobby is certainly an embodiment of all post-graduates. Besides, being unemployed has its own benefits – you don’t have a master. 


#14 First job interviews are always tough for all the post-grads.


#15 The most important thing during the job interview for all post-graduates is to persuade your employer that you really need this position.


#16 Even though Former Child is not a real job title, most of the post-graduates have built marvelous careers in this field.


#17 This classic problem actually concerns lots of post-graduates. Well, at least you can relax just a little bit for a while.


#18 Facing the real world adult problems sometimes might be quite painful. Even though college was preparing you for the adult problems, most of the post-graduates still cannot cope with them all.



Hopefully, post-grad life is not taking its toll on you just yet! Hang in there, adult life is not that hard, after all!

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