Pros and Cons of Preparing to Test With Your Friends

3 years ago



School tests are a pretty big deal when you are a student and preparation for them might take a great amount of your time. However, you can reduce time consumption by inviting your friends to study with you. Sometimes, group preparations for tests bring you more benefits than if you studied alone. There are some flaws of this method as well, though. Let’s get through biggest pros and cons of preparing to test with your friends.



  • Your friends can help you with your weaknesses. It is only natural that someone from the group is better at something than everyone else. It is like when you are aiming to create school website free of charge, you would ask a friend who is skilled and experienced with IT. So why would test preparation be any different? This is probably the biggest advantage of group preparation – the fact that your friends can help you out with something you would struggle on your own for way longer. They could also explain you the material that you missed.


  • You can become a teacher for a while. Did you know that explaining something to another person helps you memorize and structure the material even more? This way, it is a win-win situation for you and your friends as you get to freshen the material in your head and they get to understand it better.


  • You get better responsibility. Knowing that a group of people will wait for you to show up at your improvised ‘classes’ will make you feel more responsible and there is a great chance you will not miss those. The more you study, the better are the results, everyone has a profit!


  • You can find new studying ways. Some students keep using old studying techniques that simply do not work for them anymore. Studying with your friends might get you new ideas on how to memorize things quicker and keep them in your head for longer. 


  • You can get the support. Considering how important tests are for your grades, it sometimes can be a pretty stressful time. Studying in group might get you the necessary amount of moral support that you need to go through these rough days with the minimal amount of stress. 


  • You can bounce off ideas. In a group, you can bounce ideas off each other, this way the process stays more creative and things will be easier to memorize.



  • You probably will do someone else’s work. In every group, there is always that someone who does not do things in time or is constantly late and lacks responsibility. Eventually, other group’s members will have to do his or hers job. So while you are forming your group, choose its members wisely.


  • You may get negative thoughts. It is hard to stay productive with your test preparation when your group mates are constantly whining about how they will never pass this test. Even if you are trying to stay positive about things, eventually these contagious thoughts will infect you as well. 


  • Less work, more play. There is always a threat for your preparation group to become just a social club for you and your friends to hang out before the test. In this case, it is important that everyone stays in focus.

As you see, there are definitely more pros than cons, so after all having a group preparation for the test might not be a bad idea. Just remember to choose your group mates wisely and dedicate yourself to the process. This way, you will get the highest grade on the test and save yourself lots of nerves. 

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