18 HILARIOUS Sex Jokes Studens Will Absolutely Relate To

18 HILARIOUS Sex Jokes Studens Will Absolutely Relate To

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Everybody likes a kinky joke that makes one laugh out loud. A good joke indeed can cheer you up when you feel blue or just help you to relax before an important event. They can be different, witty or stupid, funny or offensive, jokes became an essential part of our lives. We love laughing and that’s why we love jokes. Simple as it is. So there are some jokes that, no matter how stupid they can be, will for sure make you scream with laughter. What are those jokes? Classic sex jokes of course. The Typical Student team listed 18 HILARIOUS sex jokes that will have you cry with laughter. Get ready to laugh out loud.

#1 Well, the most important thing in a relationship is thinking about your partner. In this case a tired one remembers that their partner still wants to have sex.


#2 When you don’t get your girlfriend’s hints at all.


#3 LOL, 69 years in prison, if you know what we mean.


#4 The consequences of life without sex can be really severe. They say that you can lose your sight in your left ear as well.


#5 And a tweed jacket over a t-shirt, haven’t you heard about that? This actually is the latest sex trend.



#6 That is why you should never be afraid of going upstairs. It’s just a little bit higher and that’s it.



#7 This is how a romantic person perceives a practical advice. Well, we like it though, isn’t he cute?


#8 Well, that happens, isn’t it?


#9 How do they know the exact time? No, seriously. Parents always manage to enter your room when a movie sex scene begins. How do they do that? Do they have some kind of a device that tells them that their kids are watching a movie sex scene right now?


#10 Well yeah, this is a pretty accurate comparison, isn’t it?


#11 This one is for those of you who always complain that their boyfriends don’t take their socks off during sex. Believe, things might be even worse.



#12 LOL, you better pee after sex if you really don’t want to get an HGTV.


#13 This one is classic, the very time when you don’t get not only your girlfriend’s hints, but her direct commands as well. 


#14 Just in case you don’t like that awkward silence after sex. So keep these in mind. Pretty useful, aren’t they?


#15 When your life really sucks. At least it is never too late to become sexually active, so don’t worry, maybe everything is only going to begin. Unless you are already thirty of course.


#16 If only we could do stuff without it.


#17 Well, it’s not only overrated, but exceptionally ordinary as well. Do you want to have a really extraordinary sex? Then use your microwave, fridge, oven or other kitchen equipment. You definitely will not regret.


#18 Well, now the humankind has the answer. But who are those people who wear crocs during sex?


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