Here's The Truth About The Relationships In College According To YouTube Student

2 years ago



A popular YouTuber Natalie Barbu has shared her opinion about healthy relationships in college on her YouTube channel. And here's what the Typical Student team will tell you today!

Why did Natalie decide to talk about the relationships in college?


Natalie says that she faced unhealthy relationships in college, both between friends and romantic partners, so many times, that she thought that it was something she really wanted to talk about. Moreover, Natalie herself was in an unhealthy relationship, so she wants to protect other college students from being in this kind of abusive relationship.

How can you tell that you are in an unhealthy relationship?





First of all, Natalie says that at college, especially during the first year, students are trying to make friends with everybody, but it doesn’t mean that everybody can be your friend. Natalie adds that it’s better to get to know somebody better before becoming closer with them because trusting people you don’t actually know well can get you into real trouble. So, if you notice that your new friend is constantly lying to you or you found out that this person was saying bad things about you behind your back, this is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

What does Natalie advise?





Natalie suggests staying away from those friends or romantic partners who lie to you, discuss you behind your back, or psychologically abuse you by making fun of you or criticizing you. Besides, Natalie says that, of course, healthy relationships in college are possible. In fact, you would probably meet your life best friends there. She also adds that if you are extremely careful while choosing your friends and romantic partners, you’ll easily avoid being in an unhealthy relationship.

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