Don't Get in Their Way: 6 RESONANT Examples of Student Riots All Over The World in 2018

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We're halfway through 2018, so it's time to recall what was going on in student life all over the world. Indeed, this year has been a tumultuous year so far. The Typical Student team previously told you about the 6 US Student Gun-Control Movement Leaders You MUST KNOW About. Student gun control movement and 'March For Our Lives' have become an inspirtion to students in other countries.

The crackdown protests in the USA and Europe have old history, which shows that this world actually is not safe and righteous place of living. All these riots sometimes are not possible because all attempts of revolts and rebelling are cruelly repressed.

In Europe, we could see the first facts of student riots. Students use in all the times such different forms of protest as demonstrations, blockades, symbolic actions, strikes, distribution of leaflets and performance. Governments reacts to such student activism from the complete acceptance of their requirement and reformation in the system of the state participation in industry and economy to shooting of peaceful demonstrations. Whether they are successful or not, student motions form public opinion and longtime very affects it.

See the most resonant instances of student riots that occurred at the end of 2017 and during the first six months of 2018!

#1 South Africa


In 2017, in South Africa there were collisions between the police and students. Students required free education in the university, because government decided to raise payment. University was closed for a while after starting student riots, but a week later it was opened again.

#2 Ukraine

ukrainian-student-riotsIn Ukraine, future doctors demonstrated against corruption in their University. They demanded to appoint new administration. They took the dean room and blocked the central university building.

#3 France


In France, students protested against reducing government educational grants. Their peaceful demonstration outgrew in a fight with police officers. Government accused activists of cooperating with criminal youth gangs. To calm teenagers, the special troops used clubs and tear gas.

#4 UK


In London, students protested against having debts after finishing education. Some students were arrested for attacking police officers, who guarded the entry of Conservative party headquarter. March for free education was not approved by the National union of students. However it was supported by other organizations such as National campaign against requiring payment education and budget cutback in education.

A quiet and calm demonstration finished with the mass meeting on the Parliamentary area after the participants  broke the barrages. Some students tried to attack Starbucks cafe. Demonstrators were not satisfied with the fact that company avoided tax payment in Great Britain. Organizer declared that this march could be the beginning of the other demonstrations that students intend to continue closer to next general election.

#6 Italy


In Italy, students rebel against "Good school." Thousands of students in ten Italian cities went out to the streets to rebel against government education policy. Young people consider that reforms are not fair, because they lead to education financing cutbacks.

The essence of this government reform lay in different possibilities for the representatives of different social layers, in the system, where students not in equal conditions and where financing is a key factor. In addition, young people were outraged because of train ticket price and disgusting condition of state educational establishments. It was finished with fight among police and students.

So, we can see that all the riots happened in all that cases because students wanted to defend their rights and privileges. They can form and influence public opinion and they want to do their best.

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