Roommate HORROR Story: How Great Roomie Turns Into Monster?

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The Typical Student team continues sharing life experiences of real college students. This time, Chloe Ruble of Chloe and Patrick YouTube channel is sharing her experience of dealing with an obnoxious roomie. Tune in!


It Started Oh So Well




Chloe and her friend Erica were going to start their freshmen year of college and they were going to move into the dorm. When they finally found a room, they found out that they were going to live with two other girls, so they decided to contact them and a kind of make friends with them. When the semester started Chloe and B (her new roommate) had already been friends and things were going quite okay.

Fight With Obnoxious Roommate



After B broke up with her boyfriend things were starting to change and Chloe and B started having some issues. One morning B asked her roommates including Chloe to give her a ride, but nobody could do that, because they were busy at the time. So later that day Chloe and her friend Sean went to the Student Union (where B worked) to print something out. Of course, B was shouting at them and refused to help, so they decided to leave.

But when they were leaving B grabbed Chloe’s hair and pulled her back and started a fight. The fight didn’t last long, but they all ended up at the police station. After this fight, Chloe and her friend Erica moved out from that dorm room. Chloe says that she’s never seen B after that and she is pretty sure that B left their college.

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