Epic SCANDAL: UK University Staff Spent £204M Taxpayers’ Money Including Thousands in Strip Clubs & Sex Shops

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The Sun has just revealed a HUGE embezzlement scandal involving university staff and… sexual pleasures! Turns out, UK university staff, among other pleasures, enjoyed strip clubs and sex shops in a £204 million spree paid by taxpayer-funded credit cards! The Typical Student team previously told you how UK university chancellors spend their salaries in Did You Know: University Vice-Chancellor in UK Earns £800k a Year? But now, the things are getting WAY TOO SERIOUS!


The SHOCKING revelation by the Sun arrived just after the UK lecturers announced their intention of staging a strike over pay. And, let’s not forget, there are students who are about to face £38,000-a-year tuition fees.


Which Sex Services Are the Most Popular Among University Staff?



Source: New York Post


The Freedom of Information Request was submitted to a total of 54 institutions with £1.2 billion in public funding for 2017/18 academic year. As told by the Tab, the “purchases, totaling £204 million, were made on taxpayer-funded credit cards.” Here are the “forbidden pleasures” universities spend taxpayers’ money on:

  • Northumbria

Northumbria staff spent £2,184 as corporate guests at lap-dance club Spearmint Rhino.


  • Nottingham

Nottingham had a £19.8 million spending on its credit cards which included £142 on a sex toy site to purchase condoms for a sexual health campaign.


  • Durham

Durham spent £17 million, which include a trip to Las Vegas with a £2,614 bill from Caesar’s Palace casino.



  • Sheffield Hallam

One purchase at Sheffield Hallam University was for "dating and escort services" but was registered under the wrong chip-and-pin category by the seller, according to a university spokesman.



Can UK University Staff Expenses Be Controlled?


Most universities refrained from providing the details of their credit card spendings under different excuses. It looks like wth becoming “big businesses” universities have adopted some very bad habits. Since the spending records are provided on demand upon submitting Freedom of Information Request, most universities do not publicize their spendings. Apparently, for many university officials, the lack of control means total impunity.

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