Student Inserts Needle Into His Penis Not To Fall Asleep Studying

Chinese Student Inserts Needle Into His Penis To Keep Himself Awake While Doing Homework

2 years ago



This story contains graphic images! As reported by 9gag, Chinese student Xiaolong, 12, from Xi'an, China inserted a 4-inch acupuncture needle into his penis. The teen was rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency surgery after his mother noticed he had difficulty walking. The Typical Student team learned how that happened.


Why Did The Student Insert The Needle In His Penis?



According to what student's mother said, he pushed the 11cm needle up his urethra to keep himself awake while he was doing his homework! It's no secret, Chinese students are obsessed with studying. According to the statistics, the primary and middle school students in China spent 2.87 hours doing homework in 2017.


Emergency Surgery Was On Time


 Xiaolong was rushed to the Xi'an Children's Hospital almost 15 hours because he was too embarrassed. The boy had difficulty urinating because the acupuncture needle had pierced into his urethra and was dangerously close to impaling the boy's bladder. The doctor commented: 'He was at risk of infection or bleeding; if it had moved, it could have ruptured his bladder or arteries.'




As told by Xiaolong's mother, the acupuncture needle was his grandmother's property, usually kept in her drawer. Luckily, the surgeons removed the instrument successfully after a two-hour surgery. The boy is expected to make a full recovery.


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