School Students Vs. University Students: 6 UNUSUAL Ways of Dealing With Exam Stress & Anxiety

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Remember, summer holidays are around the corner? But before enjoying your time off school or university, you have to take finals and endure the ordeal to the fullest. No matter how stress-free you are, exams often wreak havoc in a lazy student life. The Typical Student team stays on guard of your mental health, so we collected 6 UNUSUAL ways of dealing with stress.


This time we’d like to compare how differently school and university students deal with stress. First, take a look at the Student Guide: How to Cope with Exam Stress and Anxiety? Part 1. (INFOGRAPHIC) and Student Guide: How to Cope with Exam Stress and Anxiety? Part 2. (INFOGRAPHIC). Interested? Then, tune in!


How Are High School Students Dealing With Stress and Anxiety?


Being a high school student is no less stressful than being enrolled in a uni. So, how are they dealing with exam stress at schools?


#1 Pre-Exam Revision on YouTube


Believe it or not, setting up a YouTube channel to help your fellow high school students with pre-exam revision can be therapeutic! Student vloggers in the UK are willing to help each other by doing homework on the video platform. Want to know which YouTube channels are the most popular? Go ahead and check our recent post: Going Viral: How UK Students Educate Each Other by Doing Homework on YouTube.


#2 Who the Heck Is Mr. Boo?



Heard of Mr. Boo? FYI, Mr. Boo is an educational program meant to teach school kids about wildlife conservation. And yes, students get to play with real kangaroos during the class! How cool is that? The Mr. Boo program started at a wildlife shelter in Elphinstone, Australia, and gradually spread to other parts of the world. As of today, the primary school-aged children are taught about wildlife in Kenya and Germany and will soon be in some schools in Iran, Iraq, and China.


#3 Corgi a Day Drives Sorrow Away



This one is a crossover between the motivation and stress relief! The story went viral on Twitter and it was all because of one good boy. Corgi, that is! Twitter user Sophie Vershbow shared a photo of her friend’s boyfriend, who’s an English teacher in Austin, Texas. The guy brings his corgi, Banjo, to school and that is how he motivates and entertains his students! Want to know more about this wonderful teacher? Check How to Motivate Students? Just Bring a Corgi to Class! for more!


How Are College and University Students Dealing With Stress?


And now to college and university students, who use not-so-cute methods of dealing with exam stress and anxiety!


#4 ‘Cry Closet’ for Some Time Alone



Students in the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, set up a ‘cry closet’ in their university library to have a good cry. The cabin designed to let students a 10-minute time alone to cry in seclusion. FYI, there are RULES that stipulate how to use it right! Students were in awe of the concept, so naturally, it went viral in mere hours. To learn the rules, check Did You Know: US Students Can Now Relieve Stress In a ‘Сry Сloset’ and They Love It!


#5 Smoking Weed



Earlier, by “not-so-cute” we meant smoking pot. Student drug abuse has becoming a HUGE problem in the past years. Despite being not so trendy (compared to prescription drugs), cannabis maintains its position as one of the most popular drugs among student population in both USA and the UK. If you don’t believe it, just look at the infographic in US vs. UK Students: Who Smokes the Most Weed? (+ INFOGRAPHIC)


#6 Procrastibaking



Just look into your Instagram feed! Everybody’s doing this. Procrastibaking has become the new reading of procrastination, but with a pinch of vanilla. Baking instead of studying has generated countless memes, cooking accounts, you name it. Students share the recipes and even create rules for true procrastibakers. Find all the details in our recent post Procrastibaking: SWEETEST Way of Dealing With Exam Stress & Anxiety.


Bottom Line


Stress is a serious issue, which shouldn’t be neglected! If you’re feeling stress-ridden or being insomniac, check out the 4 BEST Smartphone Apps For Students Who Have Trouble Sleeping. There is one more method believed to be the BEST Relaxation for Students: Have You Tried ASMR?


Hang in there, summer holidays in US and UK start in mid-June! Good luck with finals!

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