Scottish Student Goes Viral With Tweet About Women's Clothing Size Inconsistency (TWEETS INSIDE)

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Meet Chloe Martin, 18, from Glasgow, Scotland, who went viral for her tweet illustrating how difficult it is for women to find the perfect jeans size. If you think this is nonsense, you might be surprised once you see the pictures Chloe presented to her followers. The Typical Student team learned the shocking details of jeansgate. 



Size 12 Jeans Inconsistency

Chloe told BuzzFeed News: "I was getting ready to go out and I wanted to wear jeans, so I tired on a pair and they would not go past my hips at all, so I took them off and tried on a different pair, same size, but they fitted perfectly, so I took all of my jeans out and was so shocked at the size different between jeans that are [labelled] the same size — and some are the same brand too, so I took a pic and posted it on Twitter."

Below you can see Chloe's collection of jeans that are all size 12, or we'd rather say, these are the interpretations of UK size 12 presented by a bunch of high street brands to the market. You can check the whole twitter thread on Chloe's profile @chloemmx




A lot of people got appalled by how inconsistent sizing is for women's clothes, which Chloe herself called "careless and toxic." Turns out, when women say they have nothing to wear, it's not just a whim. 


How Did The Twitterverse React?


Naturally, the female part of Chloe's audience couldn't stand aside her thread, so they tweeted in response. User @Jadeelouuisee proved there's a similar problem with size 4 of women's shorts. 




User @LaLunaJessica was so shocked she actually admitted to having a ptsd from Chloe's tweet:





Meanwhile @chelybells_ suggested it's a conspiracy to get women to wear skirts:




User @rightintoplace proved everything's true with their own example:





Surprisingly, men supported Chloe, saying the sizing problem in women's clothes is weird, and there's no such thing in men's clothes:







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