SHOCKER: Secret School Exclusion Leads to Gang Grooming the UK Students

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Recently, more and more UK students get excluded from schools. What's worse, most of these kids end up in street gangs. According to the Guardian, almost 30,000 children aged between 10 and 15 became into gang members. Is school exclusion to blame? The Typical Student team did some recearch and shares the SHOCKING findings.

Why Are Students Fall for Gang Grooming?


Source: The Guardian

The latest researches conducted by Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield and Vulnerability Study, the results are the following:

  • More than 30,000 children were pulled into the street gangs
  • 73,000 people aged under 25 are forming self-designed gangs

Anne Longfield believes that pulling in new members is the problem of school authorities. After their exclusion schools stop providing education for them. Pupils are targeted in rural regions as well as in big cities. Ignorance of this problem leads to inevitable changes. Unless the issue becomes county-spread the teachers and parents won’t change their behavior.

The second point of children gang joining is that schools secretly exclude them during the exam period. It’s done in order to hide them from exam league tables. The students have low exam results and with their test answers drag down the general school result table.

Ofsted checked the school registers and found out that right before the GCSE year schools crossed about 9,500 pupils from their lists. The reason is just one – these students will drag down the school ratio.

Worst Mistakes Made by Parents & Police


Source: The Guardian

Olivia Pinkney, the National Police Chiefs’ Council's lead officer for children, has criticized drug-users. These drugs are circulated in student gangs and in such way they destroy children’s lives.

According to Anne Longfield after exclusion children are groomed by drug dealers. The same happened in the case of the Rotherham sex abuse scandal, the ignorance of children played the biggest role in this situation.

Dame Louise Casey agreed with the fact of children being the weakest target for drug dealers. Having grown up in difficult circumstances and eventually being abandoned by school and children, these children are led to end up in a gang. This scheme of gang grooming works effectively for many years. Recently, this scheme has changed a little. Drug dealers dare to come to schools and undercover motivate students to enter their gangs.

Is It Possible to Fight Against Gang Grooming in UK?

gang-grooming-uk-students-01Source: The Guardian

Anne Longfield proves that it's necessary for the government to learn schools and parents how to give the advice. It's needed to explain the risks of joining the gangs for school children. Now the Internet is filled with anti-gang groups. But on the contrary, these groups use psychological schemes to recruit youngsters to join the gangs.  Unless some protection methods are used, it will be impossible to stop them from becoming criminals.

According to the research of A. Longfield, teachers and parents must pay attention to hotspots areas to destroy the connection between school exclusion and gang violence.

The second option for parents will be the increase of pupil referral units. But their absence can still become a problem in the future as drug dealers turn to PRUs in order to find new members.

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