Sending Romantic Texts to Your College Classmates’ Whatsapp Group Is Always Fun

2 years ago



This guy wanted to send a soppy text to his beloved girlfriend, however, something went wrong and he sent the message to his college friends’ Whatsapp group. So the message, filled with like a thousand emoji, read, “Morning beautiful, I hope you are having a great well deserved sleep, very tired this morning and jealous of you, in work and yet to start. I’ve no interest today, chat when you wakin. I love you.” And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!





Of course, the guy’s college mates started making fun of such a soppy message. For instance, the guy named Karl responded, “Hahaha, I love you too fogs.” The other guy suggested him to visit the Joe Ireland website and then added, “I had an ok sleep though thanks.” And the user named The Blanch texted, “Hahaha my worst nightmare.”


The other participants of the group were just laughing at this guy’s soppy message. Well, even though sending such a message to your college classmates’ Whatsapp group is really embarrassing, this guy for sure made his college buddies’ day.

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