Severe Text Exchange Between Exes Has Gone Viral (TEXTS INSIDE)

2 years ago



The Typical Student team continues to share viral text exchange and stories. This time around, it's Annie (@anniewilliams_) who posted a ruthless conversation of her brother and his now ex on her Twitter page and this tweet has gone viral.




So Annie’s brother had a text conversation with his jealous and now ex-girlfriend. Obviously, the girl was jealous of some other girl named Jess and she asked if that girl was better than her to what the guy answered, “She’s fit like xx.” Eventually, the guy said that he wants to break up with her and the girl seemed to be really frustrated, so she asked, “Really Liam, why didn’t you say this before?” He answered that he couldn’t be assed with the hassle tbh.



So as a true representative of the Digital Age the girl replied to him with crying emoji. The guy said that he was sorry to what the girl answered, “it’s fine, I’ll be okay.” At the end, he asked the girl whether she had a phone number of the girl he wanted to start dating with. And it seems like he got no reply.

This text conversation has gone viral, as a matter of fact, Annie’s tweet got 22 thousand retweets and almost 33 thousand likes.


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