Storytime: Should Student Date Hot College Professor?

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The Typical Student team keeps telling you student stories. This time around, YouTuber M3RRY shared a story about her hot but arrogant college professor on her YouTube channel, so here it is.

First Meeting 




This was the first day of Merry’s second year of college. She was thinking about changing her school, because she didn’t really enjoy it, so she wasn’t in a very good mood. That day Merry had sociology, a class she wasn’t interested in at all, and that where she met Mr. Po. He was really hot and that actually cheered Merry up.

Classes With a Hot Professor




Merry says that Mr. Po was a strict teacher. He was young, handsome, and fresh, but really arrogant. She also adds that Mr. Po always showed his attitude towards other people and his attitude was always scornful. However, Merry managed to get a 100 at his class and was extremely happy to leave it.

Grand Finale




A year after completing Mr. Po’s sociology class Merry was involved in the organization of an event, and it’s pointless to say whom did she meet there. Of course it was her ex college professor, Mr. Po. Moreover, he was her staff at that time, so it was a kind of exciting for Merry to be Mr. Po’s boss. But Mr. Po just pretended that he didn’t know Merry and was staying away from her throughout the event.

At the end, Merry said that this teacher was too arrogant and impolite. She also advises everybody to be nice to each other, no matter they are your former students or close friends.

See the full video of Merry talking about the prof:



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