Should Student Go On a Date With College Professor?

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The Typical Student team continues conveying real-life student experiences. This time around, a YouTuber DaangMel (Melanie) told a story about what it was like to have a date with her college professor. 


How Did Everything Start?




Melanie names her college professor Eric, although it’s not his real name and she calls him so in order to protect his privacy. So Eric was Melanie’s new music teacher and at the beginning of the class, he said that for those who want he arranges advanced guitar classes. And somehow Melanie ended up attending private guitar lessons with Eric. So at the end of the semester, he asked Melanie if she wanted to continue their guitar lessons in summer and she said yes.


Going On Date With College Professor 




In the middle of the summer Eric texted Melanie and said that he finally had some free time and they can arrange a lesson, besides, he asked her out to a music concert. In the beginning, Melanie didn’t think it was an actual date and she was really surprised they went to the concert on Eric’s motorcycle, which was pretty romantic. After the concert, they went to Eric’s place to have a guitar lesson. Melanie says that it was a pretty intimate moment when they were sitting really close to each other playing the guitar and she wanted to kiss him, but she didn’t dare. So that was it. She went home and they didn’t have any dates or guitar lessons anymore. 


Melanie’s Advice




Melanie says if you really like somebody then acts, otherwise, you are going to miss your chance to be with a person you like, just like she missed her chance to be with Eric. See the full video below:




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