6 FREE Online Courses in Law from the Best US Colleges

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Spring is the time for a fresh start. So, Typical Student team has picked a bunch of new online courses from popular MOOC platforms such as Coursera and edX. With their help, students can access top-quality courses from the best US colleges. The benefit of using MOOCs is obvious: even students can afford free and low-priced courses taught by instructors from the best universities all over the world. Students should definitely check out brand-new courses in law to advance in their education and professional goals!

Harvard University

The course is taught by the Harvard Law Professor Charles Fried, one of the world-renowned authorities on contract law. In this edition of the course, students will find new units on Interpretation, Agency, Partnerships, Corporations, and Government Regulation. The course length is 8 weeks, with an effort of 3-6 hours per week. The course is free to enroll, but the certificate of completion will cost you another $125.

University of Pennsylvania

The course delivered by Penn, touches on most areas of commercial and artistic activity, intellectual property (IP) law. This is a 2-part series of courses. In part 1, students will get an overview of intellectual property laws, the theory underpinning IP laws and patent law.

In part 2, students will concentrate on copyright, trademark law, and IP law alternatives. The course also provides examples of the seminal legal cases considering the policy implications of the law. The course length for each part is up to 7 weeks, with a weekly effort of 3-6 hours. The courses are free to enroll, but the certificate of completion will cost you another $49 per each part of the course.


This course is a series of short lectures and tasks suitable for both beginners and advanced law students. Each lesson is supplied with a reading list, offering a helpful roadmap to let students explore the subject matter on their own. The lessons are modular, so students can take them in whatever order suitable for their interests and schedule. The course takes 3 weeks to complete, with a weekly effort of 5-7 hours.

University of Chicago

This course is dedicated to the law/technology correlation with a focus on the law in different countries. The curriculum includes comparative analysis of laws in the U.S. and Europe. The course covers 7 topics dedicated to the experiences of corporations like Microsoft and Google, net neutrality, p2p networks, video streaming and more. All of this is contained in 23 hours of videos and assignments.

Vanderbilt University

The course doesn’t exactly cover the law, but it certainly touches on the ethical part of the question. This course delivered by the Vanderbilt University aims to find alternatives to the currently existing penitentiary system in the USA as a step towards a more “inclusive, just, and moral society.” The course takes approximately 6 weeks to complete.

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