Sociology Prof Keeps A List Of Slang Words He Learns From Students (LIST INSIDE)

3 years ago



These days, young people use a language that not every adult is capable of understanding. A user @mewtailv2 posted how their sociology professor solves the issue he has with the lack of vocabulary. Turns out, the prof keeps an alphabetic list of new slang terms learned from students. The Typical Student team just couldn't pass this one by, so we're sharing it with you.





What's On the Slang List? 

Now, let's take a closer look at the words on the list. For instance, pull up/come thru which means "an invitation", or periodt which basically equals "facts" but with an emphasis.  




Low key means "not obvious," while high key means "very obvious." The list is endless and turns out, other people make something of a kind, too. 



Someone who goes by the name Sergio @BerlangaS_ has shared a list of their own, which includes terms and phrases like "on fleek," "guh," "bae," and so on. 





How Did the Twitterverse React to The Slang List? 

The reactions on the Twitterverse were hilarious as always. User @BelmontSeo commented: "ACTUAL sociology" in response to the tweet.



User @traumvtic said that the prof's inclusion of "high key" is a real one.  



Then, users demanded that the terms "yeet" and "kobe" have to be explained:




User named @bevndakwe noticed the prof had these up a few weeks before the viral tweet:




So, what do you think about the sociology prof's slang phrases list? 


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