Here's How STEM Students Use Snapchat In Class and It's Genious!

2 years ago



Are you using Snapchat? What if the Typical Student team will tell you that it’s not only can be used for fun, but for your studies as well? Fun Man Fung, an assistant director at the Institute for Application of Learning Science and Educational Technology, National University of Singapore, has come up with a great idea of using Snapchat in class.

Why Snapchat?

studying-via-snapchat-1.jpgAccording to Fun Man Fung, Snapchat is one of the most popular apps among students. He says that college students post new stories on Snapchat every five seconds, so why not to use those stories in the educational process?

How does it work?

studying-via-snapchat-2.pngBasically, students post photos and videos that they had taken at class and share them with their fellows via Snapchat. Of course, the stories have to be related to the subject and contain some useful information, not just some fun pics of your classmates. Fun Man Fung also says that those students who didn’t attend a class can learn all the important material from their fellow students’ Snapchat stories.



Does it really work?

studying-via-snapchat-3.pngAccording to the results of the Fun Man Fung’s experiment, more than 80 percent of the students watched the stories. Moreover, on average, the snaps got about 36 views among 61 users. That means that such a fun approach to studies really works and students love it. What do you think about using Snapchat in classes? Would you like to study on snaps?


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