Stephen King Tweets The MOST Unexpected Prediction About "Game Of Thrones" Ending

2 years ago



It seems like everyone's watching "Game Of Thrones" season 8, even celebs. Previously, the Typical Student team told you how German Students Create An Algorithm To Predict Who Dies Next on Game Of Thrones. Now, it's Stephen King himself who tweets predictions about the GOT ending. What do you think of them?



One of King's predictions is based on the assumption that both Jon and Dani died along with Cersei. What if Tyrion Lannister took the Iron Throne? Unexpected, right? 
But maybe, King knows what he's talking about as he's both a skilled writer and scriptwriter. 

But then, Stephen mentioned, "some people" who told him he didn't know how to finish a story. And so, he thought of it as bullsh*t, naturally. 



How Did the Twitterverse React?


In response to King's assumptions, people voiced some of their own. User @jazzyjules69 believe that maybe Sansa Stark would be the one to end the story by killing Cersei. 



To that, Stephen replied that "Sansa is COLD": 




At the time of writing, the thread got 6,000 RT and 3,200 comments and counting. 


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Any questions or propositions?