Storytime: Here's What REALLY Happens At College Parties

2 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps sharing real-life student stories. This time around, HelloKaty, a college student, and popular YouTuber reveals the truth about college parties no freshman knows.


Everything you learned about college parties from movies or books is not true




Katy says that college parties from movies and books are quite similar to real ones. However, do not expect college parties to be exactly like the ones from the movies because a lot of stuff that happens in the movies does not happen in real life. 


Any school can be a party school



Some people go to certain schools just because they think that those colleges are party schools. Katy says that you can go to parties in any school. She also adds that it’s a very bad idea to choose your school because you heard from someone that there are great parties.


In order to have fun, you don’t have to drink or be in Greek life



Katy claims that this is the most common misconception about college parties. She says that you can have fun not being in Greek life and not drinking at parties, especially if it’s illegal. 


You probably wouldn’t find your love at frat parties



This is the very thing that happens in the movies – two people meet each other at a college party and eventually, they fall in love. However, Katy says that it does not happen in real life, so don’t hope to find your love at a party.


Sketchy buckets are a thing 


Katy says that the last thing you want to do at a party is drinking anything from sketchy buckets. She adds that there can be any kind of drugs in those buckets, so the safest thing you can do at a party is drinking your own alcohol.

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