Student Almost Expelled From College For Leaking His Old Exam Papers Online (REDDIT STORY)

2 years ago



Reddit user EddiK_ posted his almost tragic TIFU story, and we at the Typical Student team just can't help but share it with you. So, EddiK_ uploaded his old exams on the internet in order to prevent other college students from doing this.




EddiK_ was an excellent student with a 4.0 GPA who once found out about an excellent opportunity to make some extra money. Everything was pretty easy, he just uploaded his old exams and studying materials and got money for it on his PayPal account. Simple as it is. 

However, in a couple of weeks, after he uploaded his old exams, EddiK_ got emails from two professors that read that they will fail him despite the fact that he got A’s due to the content he uploaded on the internet. The following day he received another email from the Director of Student Affairs, who arranged a meeting with EddiK_.



At the meeting, EddiK_ was told that he was most likely to be expelled. He freaked out. But it was summer and EddiK_ simply went home. In a couple of days, he got an email, where he was informed that he has been suspended for the summer term, had to do a 2500 word paper about Academic Integrity, and his GPA for the term has been lowered to 1.0. The good news was that EddiK_ still was able to transfer to the university.


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