Student Almost Murdered Friend Stopping School-Wide Arms Race (REDDIT STORY)

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Reddit user u/Talrand01 shared his TIFU story about almost murdering his friend back at middle school. The Typical Student team shares this crazy story with the readers.


Locker Artillery



At that time so-called “locker artillery” was a really big thing at u/Talrand01’s school. Obviously, our guy actively participated in those school battles and wanted to be the ultimate arms race winner. One night u/Talrand01 was making new weapons for another fight, when a truly brilliant idea hit him, "The secret is not the launcher, but the ammo. Spitballs were too light, hornets were too restricting, and erasers were inaccurate. I needed something aerodynamic. So, my sociopath eleven-year-old brain decided that the inkwell of a pen would do nicely."





The following day u/Talrand01 was totally ready for another battle with his classmates and that day he was completely sure of his victory because he had his ultimate gun. When our guy was riding in a school bus with his friend, whom he calls Neo, he showed his new weapon to him. At the same time, Neo was extremely interested in this new kind of gun, so he asked u/Talrand01 to show him how it actually works.

Of course, u/Talrand01 agreed to show off, so Neo opened the bus window and our guy aimed the school wall and fired. A second later u/Talrand01 heard a loud crack and saw a hole in the double-pane bus window. He realized that his weapon was strong enough to break a bus window and that he almost killed Neo.


How Did The Story End?

After that incident, u/Talrand01, as well as other boys who participated in the locker artillery, were suspended and locker artillery was banned. Besides, u/Talrand01’s parents had to pay for the window. However, the good news is the guy still won the arms race.


P.S: here is the tutorial for the device u/Talrand01 came up with.

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