Student Applies For The Wrong Courses And Her Tweets Go Viral

2 years ago



This would-be-student wanted to apply for summer classes. However, when the girl found out she applied to the wrong one her story went viral. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about. Just check this out!


Original Story





To put it briefly, a female student from Louisiana wanted to apply for SLCC and found out that she applied to the wrong classes. Her name is Kaitlynn Lovelady and she posted on Twitter that she wanted to apply to South Louisiana Community College but actually applied to Salt Lake Community College in Utah.


“I just applied to SLCC for summer class only to realize it’s Salt Lake Community College in SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH instead of SOUTH LOUISIANA COMMUNITY COLLEGE. GOODBYE $40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she tweeted.


The Result





Finally, Salt Lake Community College caught the wind and told Lovelady she could have the $40 application fee back.






“For the record, Kaitlynn, Salt Lake Community College, and our gorgeous mountains welcome you. But if you decide to geaux (see what we did there?) to the other SLCC, we would gladly refund you for your application fee,” the school responded.





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