Student Writes Resume and Cover Letter As Groot, And It's Beyond Hilarious

3 years ago



Educators are always looking for a way to boost their students' creativity, especially when it comes to writing school papers. However, this particular time, something went wrong. The Typical Student team delivers one of the most hilarious student stories.

Marvelous Assignment

Jeffrey Scott Davis, the Principles of Engineering teacher at Hirschi High School in Wichita Falls, Texas, assigned his students to write a resume and cover letter on behalf of any Marvel character they'd like to choose. However, he didn't expect one of the students to complete the task in such a brilliant way. The teacher shared a crazy, yet courageous paper one of his students had passed in.




So far Mr. Davis has stayed mum on what grade he gave this ingenious assignment, and while we certainly hope this student got the “A” they deserve, it would probably be more fitting if they got it back with a different mark at the top: one that reads “I am Groot.”




This kid is definitely fearless. At least none of our classmates would dare to hand in a paper like this. 

Twitterverse Reaction

Of course, the Twitterverse reacted with a few hilarious comments to the effort of the "candidate".






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