Student Blamed For Plagiarizing Their Own Reddit Post, Barely Escapes Expulsion (VIRAL THREAD)

2 years ago



This story was told on the r/tifu subreddit by a user u/BravoBet. In short, BravoBet was accused of plagiarizing from their own Reddit post. BravoBet was also threatened to be dropped from their university. The Typical Student team learned what happened.


The Original Story

So, BravoBet had an account that was for writing prompts where he would write long detailed stories. Once, they got so intrigued by the topic that they've written a six-page story revolving around a student who became rich one day. 




So, a few weeks before writing the post on r/tifu, BravoBet's prof gave an assignment that was literally about the above-mentioned topic. Naturally, BravoBet went back to that old account with the writing prompts and copied their text into the Word doc and submitted to the prof. Next, to avoid any further trouble, BravoBet deleted the account together with all the comments. 




One day before posting to r/tifu, BravoBet got an email from the professor saying they should meet with the Dean straight away. She told that BravoBet had stolen someone else's work which may result in them being withdrawn from their program. BravoBet tried proving that the submitted work was authored by them. Unfortunately, the original version was on their old laptop, so the explanation was pretty vague. 


How Did The Story End?



Later, BravoBet added that they managed to find their original work. BravoBet also managed to bring their old laptop to the University principal and provided the proof that the work was actually authored by them. When asked what made BravoBet do this, the student told that they saw nothing wrong in doing things like that. Still, BravoBet acknowledged there has clearly been a lack of understanding and apologized.  


Luckily, BravoBet wasn't kicked out of the university and was given another chance at the project. The prof confessed he had enjoyed the story despite all the hassle. 


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