This INCREDIBLY Inventive Student Does Splits and Flips To Sell Suitcases (VIRAL VIDEO)

3 years ago



Still looking for summer job ideas? You might like what you’re about to read! This inventive student made selling suitcases a real business by...going viral! Here’s the scoop. A student names Christian Tecson, who is currently selling suitcases at a local mall in Lipa City, Batangas, the Philippines, knows how to catch the attention of his potential customers.





His unique and entertaining sales technique has been captured on video and instantly went viral. First, you might think he's doing the suitcase demonstration, then suddenly he turns it into an acrobatic act with splits and jumps! Christian even got his 15 minutes of fame when the local news channel showed the video of his amazing sales experience.  





Such unusual approach to sales is worthy of admiration mostly because Christian earns his living all by himself. The video has garnered over 2.6M on Facebook million views! See this AWESOME video:



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