Student Drunk Text Message Exchange That Is Painfully Hilarious (VIRAL TEXTS INSIDE)

2 years ago



The Typical Student team continues sharing funny student stories. Check this one out! Everybody has that friend that will come to the rescue in the middle of the night without asking any questions. And if you do not have such friend then all we can say is “poor you”.

This college student is a real party animal who can party all night and survive gallons of alcohol. However, that night something went wrong and at 1:42 AM he requested for help. The student sent his best friend the message that read, “Hey…can u pick me up? I’m too drunk.” Well, there was no reply.

At 2:01 AM he attempted to contact his best buddy again, so he texted him, “Oh, u don’t have to anymore…I’m home now.” to what his friend replied, “Yes…I was aware of that after dropping u off at home.”



Well, this is a pretty embarrassing situation for the drunk guy, isn’t it? However, we are still a bit jealous of him, since not everyone has a friend who will take you home in the middle of the night and ask no questions.


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