Student Got In Trouble By Crip Walking Out Of Math Class (REDDIT STORY)

2 years ago



Reddit user, u/nlmbk-wise, has recently shared his ridiculous tifu story that got a Platinum reward. The Typical Student team shares the story with the readers. 


Stress In The Math Class



u/nlmbk-wise was chilling in his math class, while one of his classmates was struggling with simple quadratic equations. The tension in the class was getting higher and higher and eventually, the teacher caught some students chatting and got pissed off. She completely lost it and started saying that everybody in the class just copies the answers on the tests and if anybody does not enjoy the class, they can leave.


Sudden Escape



So obviously our guy decided to leave the class. At first, he hesitated, but then he thought that it was the end of the year and nothing would happen to him. So he stood up and crip walked out of the class, while his classmates and teacher as well were looking at him perplexed. As he left the classroom, he heard loud laughter. 

Of course, that's not it yet. After the incident, the guy had to attend a parent-teacher conference, which, honestly speaking, is not something you would want to happen to you. However, everything went quite well and u/nlmbk-wise’s mother did not kill him for that. Moreover, u/nlmbk-wise himself says, "That was definitely worth it."


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