Student Guide: How to Cope with Exam Stress and Anxiety? Part 1. (INFOGRAPHIC)

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It's exam time, no wonder stress and anxiety are building up. The Typical Student team is concerned with your health, so we've done a bit of research about stress factors taunting students during the finals. To gain more stress tolerance, see the second part of Student Guide: How to Cope with Exam Stress and Anxiety? Part 2. (INFOGRAPHIC)

Students are most vulnerable during this time. An independent study of 2,000 college students by Stop Procrastinating found that: 

  • 64% are worried that stress and anxiety are affecting performance which results in lower academic performance.
  • 66% of students believe their stress levels are greater than in the past.

What Are the Common Stress Factors Named by Students? 

Students responding to the survey said their stress and anxiety levels were high because they were struggling to cope with expectations and competition at college for results. At that, 35% of respondents blamed this on the difficult jobs market for young people citing worry about lack of job opportunities. Meanwhile, 45% blamed the overwhelming significance of their final exams realizing that: 

  • Underperforming could affect the rest of their lives
  • Closing doors to opportunities and missing out on jobs
  • Graduate schemes that higher grades would have secured

What's the Most Typical Pre-Exam Student Behavior?

The stress build-up is inevitably leading to procrastination before exams. 75% of respondents said they had procrastinated too much ahead of their exams, saying they wasted between 3-4 hours a day. So, what do students do instead of exam preparation?

  • 7% said they tidied their room;
  • 9% admitted to having sex instead of studying;
  • 9% preferred not to specify, choosing "other" as an option;
  • 30% admitted to chatting to their friend either in their room, local bar, or college facilities;
  • 45% said they wasted time browsing the internet or on social media sites, watching videos or catching up on TV programs instead of working.

To get a more wholesome picture, check the infographics below:


Don't forget to check out the second part of Student Guide: How to Cope with Exam Stress and Anxiety? Part 2. (INFOGRAPHIC)

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