Student Has a Stroke & ASAP Brain Surgery at Stanford (REDDIT STORY)

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Reddit user u/zjkelsey has recently shared his heartbreaking story about having a stroke and brain surgery at Stanford ASAP. The Typical Student team asks you to take some time and read it carefully, it’s worth it. 


Never Disregard Your Headache



On that nice Sunday morning u/zjkelsey felt completely normal and took both his and his girlfriend’s cars to have the oil replaced. While he was waiting for his car to be done he felt a rather strong headache, but u/zjkelsey thought that it was just a migraine, so he got home, took some ibuprofen, and went to bed.

The following day the headache was even worse, but it wasn’t until Tuesday when u/zjkelsey finally went to the emergency room. He had a CT and found out that he had a stroke, so the doctors immediately sent him to Stanford ASAP. At Stanford u/zjkelsey was told, “usually with something like this there are only two ways people come in here: either in a coma...or dead.” Obviously, hearing something like this is not the best thing in the world.


The Surgery 



After a couple days of treatment, u/zjkelsey was allowed to go home only to come back in 6 months for brain surgery. The surgery went well and the doctors said that u/zjkelsey’s life will come back to normal soon, however, u/zjkelsey said that the first post-surgery night was excruciatingly painful.

When u/zjkelsey finally got back to work he thought his life was normal again. But on his first day he felt delirious and blacked out. He went back to Stanford ASAP, where he was told that because he hesitated with going to the hospital for a couple of days when he had a stroke his brain was damaged and, as a result, he has a seizure disorder.

For u/zjkelsey this diagnosis means huge changes in his life, so he warns everybody, “I tell this story as a bit of caution to anyone else out there. Please, I'm begging you! If you ever feel like something is wrong with you...DO NOT HESITATE! GO TO THE HOSPITAL! Don't be like me, Mr. Toughguy, thinking you can get through it.” 


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