Student Housing Revolution: 4M Affordable Floating Residences Across Europe By 2025

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The shortage of student housing has always been one of the pressing issues. Especially, for foreign students. Major student cities solve the problem of available student accommodations in different ways. Some of them might seem unconventional, nevertheless they work! The Typical Student team wants to tell you how it’s done in Copenhagen, Denmark. Previously, we told you about the problem of student housing affordability in Poor and Homeless: Only 0.7% of Homes are Affordable for Teachers in San Francisco. Also, learn how students share their living space in 10 WEIRDEST Things a Boy Can Learn While Living With Girls at Uni



Urban Rigger: The Floating Student Residence


One of the Danish startups called Urban Rigger aims to resolve the student housing problem. Despite being quite minimalist, the project looks promising to students who don’t have much money to rent an apartment. Denmark accounts for about 64,000 new higher education admissions on a yearly basis. As reported by the Danish Construction and Housing Ministry, around 24,000 students don’t have a place to live.


Self-Sustainable Student Housing: What's It All About?




Urban Rigger are going to build 4 million student beds by 2025 across Europe. For now, the project minimum is to turn shipping containers into inexpensive student accommodations floating in Copenhagen canals. The company intends to create sustainable housing equipped with eco-friendly technologies:

  • Hydro source heating - in winter months the heat exchanger will boost water temperatures up to 70° Celsius.
  • Solar power - the contractor uses environment friendly photovoltaic systems to get clean solar energy.
  • Low energy pumps are used in generating heating and cooling.



Here are just a few key facts in support of the eco-friendly student housing:

  • 75% of the energy for heating and hot water extracted from the sea.
  • 95% of the heat is recovered through ventilation system.
  • 15% of energy consumption is saved owing to the light floor heating.
  • 855 GWh energy per year can be saved thanks to this project,
  • This amount equals the amount of energy consumed by one European city with 42,000 citizens.


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