Student Left Her Dragon Dildos Out To Dry In The Bathroom, Janitor Made Surprise Visit (REDDIT STORY)

2 years ago



This story was told by user u/Tornado_Of_Benjamins on the r/tifu subreddit. So, Tornado_Of_Benjamins left all her sex toys out overnight, the janitor made a surprise visit the next morning and invited the RA to come look at the dragon dildos. 


Leaving Dragon Dildos Unattended

The narrator lives in an apartment-style dorm and was alone in the unit. That morning, she woke up to the sounds of clanging and walking in the unit. But then she realized that was the janitor that usually came to clean the bathrooms on Mondays.





However, it was Wednesday, so the narrator didn't expect the janitor to come on that day. Because of that, she didn't clean up all the sex toys she left to dry overnight. To make matters worse, the toys looked bizarre as these were anal beads, a plug, and four dragon/monster dildos increasing in size. 





So, the student heard the noise and sounds like talking. A few minutes later, her RA walked in. After a brief exchange, the janitor continued cleaning up around the dildos, laughing.   




How Did The Dildo Story End?


After the janitor finished cleaning, the student went out to grab the sex toys. 




The author made a comment that she's a guy who's currently transitioning into a woman. The narrator was asked to show the dildos in question. Other users tried to cheer Tornado_Of_Benjamins up with funny stories.




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