Student Made Declaration of Love In Text Messages (VIRAL TEXTS INSIDE)

2 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps telling you fun and crazy stories about students. What can be more fun and insane than a good classic college party with a lot of beer and crazy people? Well, it seems like nothing. However, there are some things that can make a college party even better such as declarations of love, for example. 

Emily Rose got drunk at a college party and was completely wasted when she decided to say her friend Julia that she loves her. So Emily sent her friend a message that read, “Julia. I’M DRUNK. I LOVE YOU.” To such a casual drunk message Julia replied, “I LOVE YOU TOO BUT I AM SOBER.”



Then Emily decided to make her declaration of love even better, so she texted her friend, “JULIA YOU ARE AMAZING. You know my loyalty. You know my love. What else is there? I throw my hands up in the air sometimes.”



Well, to say that it’s weird is to say nothing. However, we feel like these two ended up great together and live a happy sober life.


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