Student Messed Up By Submitting Hardcore Furry Erotica Instead of Final Paper (EPIC FAIL)

2 years ago



A 4th-year computer science student who goes by the name Donthitsubmit3 posted his heart-breaking confession on the r/tifu subreddit. At the time of writing, the story has garnered 59.0k upvotes and some 2.3k comments. The Typical Student team shares this extremely embarrassing story. 

Never Miss The Deadline On Your Final Paper

Donthitsubmit3 studies at a "pretty respected university" and was looking to graduate this semester. The student was taking a class in modern advancements and trends in the field of technology. For their final, their prof had assigned a 20-page research paper on "a current or possible future technology of student's choice within the field."  Donthitsubmit3 held off from submitting the final draft until the end "to get it as clean as possible." And that was tifu! 



Patreon Can Lead You Astray


Donthitsubmit3 said that for the past 3 years, writing hardcore erotica on commission was the main source of income. The genre didn't matter, but furries were extremely popular. At one point, Donthitsubmit3 made about $2500 on Patreon. Despite the things Donthitsubmit3 had to write sometimes were beyond disgusting, that would still pay the bills. 



So, after not sleeping a few nights in a row and juggling several writing projects, Donthitsubmit3 decided to do the last read over of the final paper and then submitted it before sleeping. The problem is, Donthitsubmit3 submitted one of the commissions in progress: "It is almost 10 pages long and contains a variety of things including vore (Vorarephilia, erotic desire to be consumed or to consume another) and scat (something related to animal feces)."




The next morning Donthitsubmit3 got an email from a professor with a demand to come to his office after class that day. 



What Did Professor Say About The Submitted Paper?

Before going to the prof's office, Donthitsubmit3 printed out the real final paper and went in with a heavy heart. The prof tried being as nice as possible as he saw that stress was taking the toll on the student: "While he didn't agree with the avenue I was taking to make money he understood why I was doing it."




Luckily, the prof turned out to have a great sense of humor, so he accepted the print out of the real final paper. Still, the student felt extremely embarrassed about the whole situation: "At least he understood that I'm just an idiot and not malicious."

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