Student Missed Graduation Ceremony And Shared The Story On Reddit (SCREENS INSIDE)

2 years ago



This story was told on the r/tifu subreddit by a user u/M0shka. In short, M0shka missed their graduation from Florida University as they thought it was on a different day. The Typical Student team learned what happened.

Graduation Party On The Wrong Day



So, M0shka was supposed to graduate with their Master's degree and invited family and friends to the graduation ceremony. For some reason, the future grad thought the ceremony would be held on Sunday, but it actually was on a different day. M0shka's family booked tickets to come from all over the US.



So, on the actual graduation day, M0shka was scrolling their Instagram feed to see everyone in robes. That's when it dawned upon the grad that they missed the graduation ceremony!


The Happy Ending




Despite, M0shka missed the university-wide ceremony, they found out they could still go to the individual department ceremony. So, eventually, M0shka did attend the graduation the following Monday. 


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