Student Pranked Potential Boss Over Text Messages, And It's Hilarious AF (VIRAL TEXTS INSIDE)

3 years ago



The Typical Student team continues sharing fun stories about students. This time around, it's about a student who saw a housekeeper ad and decided to test his potential employer and to make fun of her. So here’s how the freaked the poor woman out.




So that text conversation was completely normal at the beginning, although, the guy didn’t want to talk to his potential employer in person.




Therefore, in order to avoid the actual meeting with the woman, he came up with a great answer.




And everything started getting weird at that point.




So the guy started asking some odd questions like "I don’t have to tell your kids bedtime stories or stuff like that?"





And finally, he freaked the poor woman out. She probably thought that he was a kind of a maniac or pedophile.




The following day the guy texted the woman from another number and told her about his outstanding cooking skills.




But the woman didn’t seem to like it.




So he texted her again from the original number and pretended that he accidentally texted her instead of his friend.





So the guy wanted to know whether the woman checked his cooking skills out. However, she didn’t find this conversation funny anymore, so she threatened to call the police. Unfortunately, this is how this text conversation ended.




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