Student Returns Essay 5 Min Late Which May Postpone His Graduation by a Year (REDDIT STORY)

2 years ago



This story was told on the r/tifu subreddit by a user u/TravelerSF. In short, TravelerSF returned his essay late, which means he can't start his Bachelor's Thesis next spring as planned, which then stretches out his studies by at least a year. The Typical Student team learned what happened.

The Original Story

The story was told by a university student in his 3rd year who was planning to graduate in five. By his own words, TravelerSF has been "part of a course which has prepared him for writing a Bachelor's Thesis next spring.' So, he needed to complete the course in order to write a thesis. As part of the course, he had his final essay due by 11:59 pm Sunday. However, due to the poor time management, TravelerSF didn't manage to rewrite the essay as he had intended to do.



TravelerSF had been warned that late admissions wouldn't be evaluated, but he still didn't make it on time.





So, he wrote an email of gratitude to the teacher, thanking them for the course. TravelerSF realized he could start writing his Bachelor's Thesis more than a year from now, next spring that is. 

The story had a happy ending, though, as the author later edited the post saying the essay would be accepted. 





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