Student Set Adult Film Screenshot As Background On School Computer (REDDIT STORY)

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Reddit user Fartbike shared his old yet hilarious TIFU story about setting an adult photo as a school computer background. The Typical Student team shares the story with you. This happened back at Elementary school when Fartbike was a typical 10-year-old guy. So it was the beginning of the school year and Fartbike just got his login for a computer lab in his school. However, he was a rather curious boy and that is why he decided to check whether his login from previous year works. And it worked.


This Is How He Came Up With This Idea




Well, Fartbike decided to do something mischievous. He searched “fart,” found this lovely picture, and set it as the background. This, in Fartbike’s opinion, porn picture did not take much space on the background, it was just a small picture in the middle.

However, after a week or so, Fartbike saw that nobody removed the picture from the background, so he decided to make it bigger. It appeared later that the computers were linked, that is why giant ass was the background picture of all the computers in the computer lab. 


Principal's Investigation



In a couple of days, the principal started investigating this case and eventually found the criminal. Fartbike says, “I don't remember much about the conversation I had with the principal, but I know there was a lot of crying on my part.”


In the end, Fartbike was suspended for a day, but in general, everything ended up well.

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